During this session, you will gain information on these given topics:

  • Actra Membership and Actra Apprentice
  • union versus non-union
  • IPA versus NCA
  • Before your first shoot
  • Agent Relationships
  • Auditions 101
  • Etiquette/Preperation




One Hour


Our mission is to help emerging artists and established actors launch successful acting careers. In order for your goals to come to fruition, you need the advantage of learning and training with professional actors who understand the art of acting, as well as the industry. Let Star Acting Studios help establish your acting foundation and equip you with the acting tools needed to thrive in this industry.


 Have you recently been signed to an agent? There are MANY things you should know before going on your first audition. This one hour session explains everything you need to know before you get started. From what to do at auditions, to what not to do on set. This package is for you!

223 Queen Street South

Mississauga, Ontario

L5M 1L6


We are founded on the principles of dedication and persistence. In this Industry, it is imperative to be on top of your craft and to have an edge over your competition. Star Acting Studios provides comprehensive services to help actors feel confident about the choices they make when it comes to their careers. We provide diverse services that focus on a variety of acting tools such as: scene study, script analysis, improvisation, breakdown of character and much more.


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getting started package