Online Acting Assessment 

1) Once we receive payment, you will receive a confirmation email. There will be two sides (scripts) attached to the email, which you will choose to memorize.

2) Once memorized, record your performance on a camera, computer or phone.  

3) Upload your video via WeTransfer to

4) Wait for our response. Do to the volume of videos, please wait five to seven business days to receive feedback. 

5) Act on your new found knowledge! 

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Assessment #1

Our third package includes descriptive feedback about ​your acting abilities and details about the next steps you have to take. It also includes a free, 30 minute consultation at our office. During the consultation, we will share our industry resources with you and will answer any questions you may have about the Film and Television Industry!  

Price: $85

Let us give you descriptive feedback about your acting abilities. Our staff will write specific detail about your video and write precisely what you could do to improve. We will also make suggestions about the next steps you should take in order to make it in this industry. 

Price: $50

Assessment #3


Assessment #2


Are you interested in launching an acting career, but don't know where to start? Not sure if your acting abilities are up to par? Let Star Acting Studios be a buffer between you and the Film and Television Industry! Memorize our script, upload your video and get honest feedback by our professional and knowledgable staff. What is stopping you from taking the next step in your career?

Once you've purchased your package, here's what you have to do!


Let us help you make the decision about getting into the Film and Television Industry. It is a simple yes, no or maybe! This package is great for people who would like honest feedback about if they should pursue acting or not. This package will save you time and money if in fact acting is not for you.

Price: $20


Our mission is to help emerging artists and established actors launch successful acting careers. In order for your goals to come to fruition, you need the advantage of learning and training with professional actors who understand the art of acting as well as the industry. Let Star Acting Studios help establish your acting foundation and equip you with the acting tools needed to thrive in this industry.

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We are founded on the principles of dedication and persistence. In this Industry, it is imperative to be on top of your craft and to have an edge over your competition. Star Acting Studios provides comprehensive services to help actors feel confident about the choices they make when approaching a scene and character. We provide diverse services that focus on a variety of acting tools such as: scene study, script analysis, improvisation, breakdown of character and much more.