Acting will directly impact the character of your child. This creative outlet provides an opportunity for children to discover their inner strengths and will help them become more receptive to interacting with others. During our Group Classes, each week will be based on a character attribute, (empathy, honesty etc..) which all the theatrical games and acting activities will be based upon. By enrolling with Star Acting Studios, your child will gain an understanding of themselves and others through the world of role-playing. Classes will be taught by professionals who understand the Film and Television Industry, as well as the Ontario Dramatic Arts curriculum. Your child does not require any experience to join our classes. Let us help nourish your child's imagination, character and social skills! 

Will become more confident speaking in front of others

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Star Lights           Ages 5-8             $129.99 

Shooting Stars    Ages 9-13           $139.99 ​


Shining Stars      Ages 14-16          $149.99                                                                          


Classes will be held at the Hershey Centre. The address is 5600 Rose Cherry Place. Mississauga, Ontario. L4Z 4B6.


Registration is now open for our Spring program. Classes will begin Sunday March 26th, 2017 and every Sunday there after. 


Each class is one hour long. 

Star Lights            2pm to 3pm

Shooting Stars     1pm to 2pm

Shining Stars       12pm to 1pm


The program runs for 8 weeks long. During the last week students will put on a play for the parents.



Classes will Resume this Summer!

acting classes for kids!

Why Choose Our Group Classes? Watch our promotional video to find out! 


Will learn to be more expressive

Thank you soo much, the play was fantastic and she LOVED your class. It went a long way towards building her confidence!
                    - Tracy

Can Identify with the feelings, attitudes and 

thoughts of others 

Our Three Classes


 Five Benefits for your Child




The kids were amazing and of course they learned from the best! You're an amazing person and teacher!
                  - Sarah and Family


Improved Social Skills


We are founded on the principles of dedication and persistence. In this Industry, it is imperative to be on top of your craft and to have an edge over your competition. Star Acting Studios provides comprehensive services to help actors feel confident about the choices they make when approaching a scene and character. We provide diverse services that focus on a variety of acting tools such as: scene study, script analysis, improvisation, breakdown of character and much more.


Positive Self Image        

Our mission is to help emerging artists and established actors launch successful acting careers. In order for your goals to come to fruition, you need the advantage of learning and training with professional actors who understand the art of acting as well as the industry. Let Star Acting Studios help establish your acting foundation and equip you with the acting tools needed to thrive in this industry.

223 Queen Street South

Mississauga, Ontario
L5M 1L6



Thank you for improving my daughters confidence and imagination. The class was awesome and she will definitely be back! ​

​                   - Julieane + Sierra